Making Democracy Work


Fall 2015 Project

Study documents for Fall 2015 League of Women Voters California Higher Education Study


Public Higher Education in California is at a crossroads. Almost daily, there are news articles about public higher education and the need for reform, in terms of accessibility, which includes funding, affordability, preparedness, equity and opportunities and barriers for success.
Unfortunately, because LWVC does not have a position on public higher education that includes the CSU ad UC systems, the League cannot comment on or advocate for or against any legislation.
This study was proposed and approved in order to remedy this situation and in recognition of the fact that education is the bedrock upon which democracy is built and sustained.
There is a lot of material from LWVC to read online and we will be sending study group members packets weekly. Each will have links to materials the CA Higher Education Group thinks will help members to answer the consensus questions.
Some of the reference documents are also included on the LWVEA website. They can be read online and study group members do not have to download and print the documents.
A draft of the consensus questions will also be sent to the study group and posted on the website. The final document will look similar but may not be exactly the same. But it gives you an idea of what we will be tackling.
Questions? Contact Suzanne Barba @ 510-538-9678 or